Within just 3 days, you will learn the basics of ART OF POUT from the professional international model herself, Shir Chong.

Discover your very own strut in catwalk that would leave the audience gaping and star struck.

Everyone is unique in their own way; Make-up highlights that unique feature of yours.

Once you're all done up, we'll make sure you share your NEW YOU with the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a certain height or size to attend AOP MASTERCLASS?

No. AOP MASTERCLASS is for all girls- of all heights and all sizes. NO. AOP Masterclass is for all girls and boys- of all heights and all sizes! There are no restrictions.

We believe that all girls should be able to experience the world of modelling and fashion- even if it's just for a few days here at AOP Masterclass, you can step up your own game in related professions that requires confidence, etiquette and personalities development.

2. Do I have to know how to model before attending AOP MASTERCLASS?

NOT AT ALL. Most girls coming to AOP Masterclass have never modelled before- so this is a 'first time' interactive experience for almost everyone! It's a great way to 'get your feet wet' and to see if you think this is for you!

If you have done some modeling before- this is a great opportunity to make some amazing connections, get discovered, strengthen your portfolio and further your modelling career.

3. Do I need to have pictures or a modeling portfolio to come to AOP Masterclass?

NO. Most applicants have never done a proffesional photo shoot before and do not have a modellng portfolio.

If you have one though- definitely bring it because we would love to see it and help you develop it

4. What's the point of going to AOP Masterclass?

The well established industry specialists are also here to offer you a competitive edge against other lesser trained models and empowers you to be the best you can be. 

AOP Masterclass is uniquely designed for you in all aspects to improve your self confidence.

5. I've never done a photo shoot before and I don't know what to do?

Don't worry because every modeling career starts somewhere.

International Actress/ Supermodel- Shir Chong has not only manage to put Malaysia on map but also, scouted and mentored numerous fresh faces ; as well as grooming AOP exclusively signed models.

Based on experience, our team always believe in building confidence by providing realistic interactive learning process. Therefore, you can entrust us to guide you through an enjoyable, worthwhile first time experience.

6. What if some girls/boys get picked by the agent and I don't? Won't I feel bad?

NO- we would not want that to happen! We never announce at AOP Masterclass who the agents are interested to scout or not.

Discretion, tact and privacy play a big part in this process! Everyone meets privately with the agents and if they are interested in following up with you, they will do so after AOP Masterclass is over.

7. Do I have to bring anything with me to AOP MASTERCLASS?

YES. You'll be notified with a list of what to bring for the 3 days AOP Masterclass via e-mail once you've confirmed booking a spot with us.

About #AOP


#AOP is a synergy of creative powerhouse x talent agency.

Art of Pout aims to​ bring up ​creative ​minds from all across the world namely the South East Asian region and has numerous plans to bridge the 'fashion, culture, lifestyle, ideas and people' to concepts in order to find balance and merge these ideas to get the best of them. 

"​Making possibilities happen" has been our battlecry from day one. ​Our vision is to ​be able to grow into a synergy to ​expand our networkability,​​ in order to fulfill the creative industry's chain support. From individual​ talents – professional agencies – brand partners –​ consultancy – show productions​,​ we create opportunities & ​career strategists​ that can see outside the box and further your aims and goals.​

"​Do unto others as you would have them unto you" is ​the core value behind ​our​ mission to maintain an ethical and professional ​culture that are​ designed to improve ​​rights and ​working environment for all our creative talents.​​​ A​​t the same time​, offering​ assurance​,​ credibility​ and confident​ to all our clients​.​